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Welcome to our Services section. Here, you will find a range of services that we offer to cater to your needs.
From Custom Commission to Dice Polishing, we have got you covered.
Explore our services below to learn more.

Dice Polishing

STL Printing

Commercial Licensing

Our Pledge

Revel Broker has undergone many phases. We were originally a “Game Master for hire” service, then Handmade Dice Crafters, Master Dice Makers, and now finally Patreon suppliers. We value politeness, professionalism, and a neutral space free of political rhetoric and toxic social media behaviors such as bullying and condescending speech. Being polite, “Please and Thank You’s” go a long way here. The culture we try to present is more of a “Club” of gentle crafters.

Through one of our core rules, "PLEASE DO NOT SHARE SOLUTIONS OR PRODUCTS THAT YOU YOURESELF HAVE NOT USED WITH YOUR OWN TWO HANDS", this space has seen a high success in helping with issues that arise.


Lastly, we REALLY love a good tag or shout out. Please be mindful of those who help you in this space and take any chance you can to tag someone here or on socials for a thanks. For our company specifically it goes a LONG way as we are mostly a word-of-mouth club. Thanks!




This Discord and Patreon is first and foremost a Club to help Dice Shops be able to create their own Custom DigitalDice files. This is to help spread diversity in the dice crafting scene and help crafters break out from the “norms” in dice making. Our Thursday streams are almost ALWAYS geared towards teaching digital dice building, and model supporting.



Second, comes printing your own Master Dice at home or in your own studio. Printing your own Master Dice can no doubt drive down the cost in your shop. However, we recognize that its not as simple as buying a printer and going. But after many successes from Patrons that exist here in real time, including years of printing thousands if not tens of thousands of dice, we are confident we can help you get up and running. That’s provided you have the gumption to push through inevitable fails and pitfalls. We seek to help counsel makers during these times and provide a foundation of support and honesty to help you achieve a result you are happy with. This is NOT to carry you to the end, but to be there no matter what so you can cross the finish line yourself.



Next comes providing quality pre-made digital dice files for a low fee. This gives those shops who don’t design, or need a quick set, the ability to jump right in. This comes behind the first two simply due to our push to have you creating your own files. We offer a “request” channel for all designs that fit within the fonts we use in-shop and shapes we offer as well.



Providing Monthly printed dice to shops and hobbyists who, for whatever reason, want our product in physical form. This will always come behind our other goals. Soft caps on the number of Patrons who can request these dice are in place in order to ensure we serve our previous goals first. We will ALWAYS push self-sufficiency before trying to make a buck. Furthermore, we see our monthly patrons as those who support our attempt at new designs and shapes. We do not technically make these shapes to “serve” the patrons. We see them as donations to help fund our mission and creations. The dice are a kick-back to show our appreciation for your donation. Sometimes these designs can be VERY difficult to overcome so we ask that if you have interest, be prepared for some hoops and challenges. Given all that, we do keep in mind requests and concerns when moving forward and will always attempt to keep the designs as accessible as creatively possible.



We provide an ethically priced shop for users who need that little extra something. This is NOT our main goal any longer. If anything, our main income is from all Patron donations. The shop WAS to function as a way for past Etsy customers to request dice and not be left out in the cold when we vacated Etsy’s space. But after a year or so, this shop will serve only as a way for international patrons to contribute, and to provide a private shop for our donors.



LAST comes a space for hanging out and meeting other makers. Though we know the social side of this space is important, I like to remind myself that this is a space of professionals and hobbyists. Answering questions or extending a helpful hand if you would like to. Progressive creation always comes first. That being said, of COURSE we want to have fun sometimes, joke around, and be light hearted. It would be a bog without it. We will make friends and associates here, and I wish you all the best of luck with it. I just request that you keep it professional, like a real-life workspace.


No matter your thoughts on what a Discord should be, there is surely no shortage of dice making spaces to adjust to. We ask, that in your time arriving here, you cruise around and decide for yourself if it’s a space you fit into. Don’t force it. People learn in all kinds of ways, and the ones who stay pay money to be here. Some even go far above and beyond to make this a welcoming, relaxing, clean space. Please respect that and if you like it, come on in.
If not, then we applaud your ability to know what’s right for you.



Thank you so much to ALL our patrons. Without your funds this space would never be possible. Seeing this small space helping each other politely and seeing success from it gives me personally a sense of belonging. This is a gift, and with each new benchmark we all lift each other up to, it makes this worth it.

Public Shop

- Special Polished Dice
- Basic Dice sets
- Special one-time deals

Our public shop is set up so there is a quick option for those who don’t want to be Patreon members but still want affordable Master Dice. All Patrons from $1 up can enjoy discounts and benefits of a private shop. So, what you see on our Public shop is NOT reflective of our expanded shop behind closed doors. We do this to control the tide of customers since we have only so much printer space.

That being said, nothing in the Public shop is of any less quality than what Patrons receive.
If you have any questions about our Patreon services, feel free to message.

Patron Shop

- Full Set sales with Mix n Match shapes and fonts
- 18+ types of fonts including Custom Fonts made by Revel Broker
- Single Dice Sales
- Pre Orders
- Polishing Services
- Quicker Access to Custom Commission and the ability to get a “Custom face add on” for a quick custom die.
This option is not available to the public.
- Unique styles of very Niche dice
- Any Patron member can order ANY past physical Patreon high detail dice they want at the same price as if they were a member at the time of the rewards release. In short, there’s no upcharge for any patron Physical reward.

The Patron shop is our ORIGINAL shop all the way back when we used Etsy and then some. The public does NOT have access to many of our more popular designs. We do this because we have limited inventory and it helps get dice into the hands of those who REALLY want them, not just those who are on the fence or looking to grab something quick.

Our patrons also enjoy lower prices and options for non pre-sanded dice to save even more money.

Digital Dice Sales

ANY dice in our physical shop can be sold in a digital format. Please message if you have any questions on this. We have over 1000 dice styles to work with. That’s not even adding in all the varied fonts we have. We cannot possibly cover all the options in a single post or listing. So please message with questions involving our Digital Dice Sales
if you need any clarification at all. 

All digital dice files are emailed within 48 business hours.

Digital Dice Drive

For a $10 Patreon pledge you can have access to ALL regular dice files we ourselves have access to here in the shop. That’s over 1,000 files.

We DO NOT include all of our Patreon Rewards in this. They are updated monthly coinciding with your membership. This is the incentive to stay and not just join, mass download, and leave.

For any members who aren’t interested in a set that is about to come out, we implore you to stay on top of your Patreon membership and simply downgrade to $1 for the duration until you see a reward you wish to receive digitally.

Our google drive DOES include hundreds of blank-slate, no-font, geometrically usable dice files as well. So if you don’t like our fonts, you can download these files and build for yourself.

Our google drive grows by requests. So, if there is a style of die you want, but don’t have that font, request it from us in the DMs or on the Discord and we will happily build it and add it to the drive.

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