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Please message before ordering. Thank you!


These dice are polished with 3m 1000, 2000, and 3000 grit. They should arrive ready to mold

Thank you for your interest and support!

Polishing Services

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Please do NOT order this listing without sending a message first to see what option to choose. 

    We will discuss your order very briefly and give you a choice based on that discussion. 

    Slots are limited, so if this listing goes away from time to time send over a message or simply wait it out :)

  • Always research the post-purchase process. This is to account for tools, chemicals, and information needed to succeed in dice molding.


    Though we will happily answer questions and help our customers after the initial purchase on predetermined customer service days, Revel Broker is not personally responsible for lack of tools/familiarity with the process of dice making past simply purchasing dice.


    Revel Broker Productions reserves the right to display photographs and digital imaging of the design and production of the client's products in a portfolio, on the Revel Broker Productions website, and on the Revel Broker Productions social media accounts.


    Revel Broker Productions will replace any die that has visible damage, that has not been caused during shipping, upon the client's receipt of an order. This visible damage must be shown to Revel Broker Productions via email. Emails must include clear photo documentation. Revel Broker Productions will cross-reference the provided photo documentation with photos of the product before shipping.


    Revel Broker Productions is not responsible for any process the client pursues after receiving the product such as molding issues, chipping, sanding mistakes, etc.


    Revel Broker Productions reserves the right to update product descriptions and disclaimers at any time. Revel Broker Productions will not make changes to paid orders if terms are updated during production.

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