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Welcome my fellow professionals and hobbyists 
3d Dice Printing at Home and Master-Dice-Shop

We believe that independent, affordable, at-home master dice printing is the future of handmade dice. 
Ironic as it may sound, the sooner you don't need a master dice company, the better in our eyes. 
However, we recognize some of you ma
y want the classic shop too. 
Spoilers, its not goin
g anywhere. 

Our patron exclusive shop and Discord are available to ALL patrons $1 and up through our Patreon.

I know it's a bit strange to bottleneck potential customers. But this is how we feel we can better focus on our clients needs, offer them help quicker, and invite them to join the conversation on dice making. 

We do have a public shop, but the Patron shop is deeply discounted. Keep an eye out for availability.
are happy to take any questions you have.

If you are curious about what we do, consider checking out our work over on Patreon.
Depending on your pledge you will receive:
Access to our Master Dice Shop
Faster Custom Commissions
Monthly singles and intricate full sets mailed to your shops door
Over 400+ Digital Dice files and counting updated Monthly
Lifestyle Discussion and Livestreams

This new style of shop and lifestyle has been such a positive experience for us. And we aren't going anywhere. Thanks for all the help to our current patrons. You're all rockstars. We couldn't do it without you.

Thanks again!
Julia and Jason

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