Individual jumbo-sized 3D printed master dice available for commercial use made by the dice artists at Revel Broker Productions. Select which font and model you are interested in.

Dice models, model names, and font options are shown within the listing photos. 

If you would like a custom face add on, be sure to contact us first. Once advised the custom face is approved by Revel Broker, please place your complete order for the master dice and the "Custom Face Add On" listing within the same order.

Font sizes, dice sizes, and dice shapes are final. 
All master dice are sent to clients as raw unfinished master dice. Dice are 3d printed on Form 3s, processed with Formlabs Wash and Cure, removed from supports, and sanded to 1000 grit. Clients will need to polish raw unfinished master dice to bring them to their preferred finished state.


All text is set 1.2mm deep within the face of the die. The standard depth is approximately 0.8mm deep. We offer this increased depth to allow for room for sanding before the molding processes. This also allows for "resanding" to happen in case your dice are damaged at any point during the life of your Masters. 


Thank you for your interest and support!


Dice 3d model dimensions full list available on Discord within the dice-size-guide channel.
Jumbo D20 vertical resting height is 31.8mm.

Single Jumbo 3D Printed Master Dice

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  • Always research the post-purchase process. This is to account for tools, chemicals, and information needed to succeed in dice molding.


    Though we will happily answer questions and help our customers after the initial purchase on predetermined customer service days, Revel Broker is not personally responsible for lack of tools/familiarity with the process of dice making past simply purchasing dice.


    Revel Broker Productions reserves the right to display photographs and digital imaging of the design and production of the client's products in a portfolio, on the Revel Broker Productions website, and on the Revel Broker Productions social media accounts.


    Revel Broker Productions will replace any die that has visible damage, that has not been caused during shipping, upon the client's receipt of an order. This visible damage must be shown to Revel Broker Productions via email. Emails must include clear photo documentation. Revel Broker Productions will cross-reference the provided photo documentation with photos of the product before shipping.


    Revel Broker Productions is not responsible for any process the client pursues after receiving the product such as molding issues, chipping, sanding mistakes, etc.


    All text and simple images provided by Revel Broker Productions are within the public domain.


    Revel Broker Productions reserves the right to update product descriptions and dis